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Although every solar system is powered by same sun, two solar solutions cannot be the same. Every commercial and residential project requires a particular plan with particular implementation requirements. We deliver those customized solutions always.
Your Environment When we think of solar generally, we think of outdoor environment, but real question is our interior environment. How do you consume energy in the home’s eco-system? Somebody else living in the same home would have a completely different power profile. Is your use conducive to solar systems? We will assist you answer all these questions and create a customized solar solution which saves your money.
Our Proven Procedure We begin each installation with an evaluation of your particular needs. This includes thorough analysis of your property, its location, and daily usage. Then we will design a personal solar system around those requirements utilizing one or selection of pioneering technologies, including: solar, demand managers, batteries, and other smart power management devices. Moreover, we just do not believe in the cookie-cutter solutions, so we never provide one. All our systems are fully customized to meet your aims.
We are Expert Solar Designers In The Apache Junction
At the core of every solar system design is a customized strategy to assist you save your money and become power independent.
Conceptual Designs
Whether you wish for sleekest solar system that look excellent on your property or you wish to go off-grid completely, our solar specialists will design a plan for you to accommodate your objectives.
Products Mix to Fit In Your
Budget Not every panel is created equal, and nor are solar budgets. So, whether you wish to buy a solar system which offsets 100 percent of your use, or lease a solar system which covers 70 percent during hottest months, we’ll find out the right product blend and design for you to meet your price point and goals.
Superior Installations
Our installation procedures are without rival, offering you money-saving electricity from first day. Our systems, training, and procedures produce superior outcomes job after job consistently. The owner of our company oversees each aspect of our whole installation process.

We provide 100% customer satisfaction

How We help

We offer wide range of repair and maintenance services for every type & size of solar systems. 

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Consistency means that our trucks are well stocked, tools are readily available, and all materials required are in-hand. Our techs manage our inventory, from a completely-stocked warehouse. Our aim is to do the things better, without delay and faster, so we can easily pass savings to you. We can handle it all for you; from designing and installation to maintenance and services.
High Quality
There are a handful of certified solar installers only in the Apache Junction and we have some of them. The certification procedure is quite rigorous and needs extensive study, technical insight, and a dedication to constant education.
Why Us?
Here are a few good reasons to select us for your Solar System Installation.
We tailor design and install every solar system for best performance, aesthetics and durability.
We are mainly driven by solid values and a great passion for all what we do.
Customer Services
We are dedicated to forging long-time relationships that last for long after warranties expire.
Our solar systems are competitively priced always and are intended to be affordable and sensible investments.