What if you found natural gas deposit under your business? Will you invest into a well to get access to free of cost energy? With average of over 300 sunny days in each year, the Apache Junction’s businesses have an exclusive opportunity to access unlimited and completely clean power supply above our head.
Using the most abundant resource to cut power costs and locking in predictable operating costs can have a great impact on your own bottom line. It is the reason why a few of the most successful companies in the world are leaders in the commercial solar systems installations too. An investment in the solar makes a good business sense.
Your Right Partner
Nowadays, there are numerous variables that make a commercial solar system purchase. Beyond the solar technology, you should evaluate payment options, local and federal incentive programs, and power utility requirements too.
Our commercial solar crew designs, installs, as well as maintains a few of the best-producing commercial solar power systems in the area. We’ve helped many businesses turn sunlight into great financial savings. Each commercial system of our company is customized to meet the exclusive requirements of every business. We take time to evaluate every company’s exclusive energy footprint carefully in order to offer a list of available options that meet the energy savings goals.
What You Should Know
Going solar now is a sizable financial investment for businesses and there are many variables to mull over. That’s the reason why education is the main priority for our company and we try the best to offer resources to assist with your research. If you are looking to cut down energy costs, we then invite you to quickly explore the following data so that you understand all benefits and value solar can provide.

Solar PV Systems

We help to generate your own solar power by installing solar PV systems. Going solar also cuts your electricity bills dramatically.

Other Services

Energy Control

We provide solar installation that empowers both individuals and industries in managing power consumption.

Other Services

For many businesses, the solar energy offers a solution which makes financial sense, safeguards against utility rate rises and helps businesses promote sustainability.
Utility Incentives may offset a substantial part of photovoltaic solar system
Federal Tax Credits of 30 Percent
Accelerated Bonus Depreciation
System cost is the AZ tax exemption
In most of the cases, over 50 percent of capital cost is immediately recovered in first service year.
Non-Profits Solar Solutions.
The non-profits have an exclusive position in the area’s solar landscape. We provide a range of Solar Services Agreements with many monthly options. With peak to peak coverage during term of your own Agreement, we assist more churches, organizations and schools go green and go solar. Our Solar Capabilities Include, but are not limited to:
Site Analysis And Consultation
Architectural Integration And Aesthetic Solutions
Finance And Incentive Consultation
Technology And Application Selections
System Monitoring And Maintenance
The difference between us and many other competitors is Quality.  Though many other companies now are cutting corners simply with cheaper systems and low quality installation, we can and do provide competitive solar energy system pricing by simply keeping the overhead cost lower. From inverters, to solar panels, to batteries, to installations, our primary aim is high quality with Integrity. Since you should not settle for mediocre jobs on your house. You deserve the best quality.