If you ever make the change to solar, you’re not only saving money, you also are saving some of the most valuable resources and taking the steps to become much more energy sufficient and lesser dependent on the foreign oil.
By utilizing solar energy in your home or office you can easily protect yourself from unpredictability of potential spikes in the electric prices. Getting solar installed with us is just like having any insurance policy against the ever rising utility cost.
Your Very First Step To Solar
Would not it be good to lower or just eliminate your electrical bills while ensuring cleaner environment for many generations ahead? If so, the answer tends to be solar.
Our accredited crew of system designers and integrators customize each system to easily meet your exclusive energy goals and requirements. We guide you throughout the procedure and keep you well informed in every step of process. It all starts with a fast consultation with one among our solar specialists.
Unlike some big companies that will just sell you the solar system and then hand over installation to local subcontractor, We deal with the whole project start to end. From sales and designing to installation and servicing, when you select us it is a relationship for your system’s life.

Solar Helps You To Save Your Money

We select and install the solar panels as per the individual's need to meet their expectations.

Solar Hot Water Heater

High quality and reliable solar hot water systems

Solar Panel Installation

Get a pricing quote for a residential solar installation

Solar electric power for your homes has not been more cost efficient ever. Your grid-tied solar systems will generate reliable and clean energy and contribute greatly to healthier environment. Solar power systems are quiet, need very less maintenance and require no fuel other than sunshine!
Site Evaluation
Each project begins with FREE Site Evaluation and Consultation. We’ll:
Examine utility bill for peak as well as off-peak use to determine optimum system size.
Calculate the square footage appropriate for solar system’s placement
Evaluate your site’s potential, determine performance and offer you with economic analysis to decide on savings and ROI.
Solar Energy is A smart Choice for Homeowners
Solar Systems are the smartest choice for homeowners looking to get the best worth in services, return on investments, and overall client satisfaction.
If you find out all the incentives and rebates, solar can be very affordable. Plus, savings that you get in the long time will pay out for the solar system itself. Moreover, you’ll get the additional bonus of knowing you’re helping your environment by using clean and renewable power for your house!
We think that by using advanced technologies in a simple method we can offer people a great choice in the Energy Independence.  This perfect permeates throughout every aspect of Solar & Electrical. Through this specific Mantra we offer you, the client, the Choice of Energy … the great power to claim Energy Independence! Are you tired of waiting for long to do your laundry or not operating air conditioning because of high On-Peak electricity rates? We can assist. At our company we have helped hundreds of people just like you attain this reality.